I live in the Paris suburbs, where I obtained my Bachelor STI Electrical Engineering in 2010.
I continued my studies at SUPINFO to deepen my knowledge in computer science, a field that has become my passion during high school. I am interested in Linux, which then led me to learn programing and web software, network, and a bit of security.
I was also passionate about music, I rubbed conservatories for about 12 years, taking courses in music theory and guitar (various guitar types).

Professional Experiences

Company Description Period
EMC2 IT Service 2011
MisterBell JS Mobile Development 2012
Etoile Media Web Development 2012/2013
Premaccess Network & System Administration 2013
Caloga Web Development 2014

Recent Work (available online)

Chic Pizza

Website pizzeria in the Paris suburbs

Sion's Basterds

Team video games

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me for any personal or professional question.